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ABC, ma méthode de français

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This method consists of three levels, junior A / junior B / ABC 1/ and is designed for young learners from 8 to 13 years beginning in French.
ABC Junior A / B: It prepares the smallest communication in French.
ABC 1: This level prepares students at A1.1 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
This method is accompanied by an activity book so that the student can practice using the vocabulary, grammar and expressions they have learned.
To enable students to understand that learning French is not an end in itself but a means to open up a new world, we desire to give them the ability to use the French language to express themselves in matters of everyday life.
Each book contains 8 units (in addition to the unit 0) in which you first find a double page consists of a text, a reading comprehension and phonics exercises. Then, three pages of vocabulary and grammar. Finally, the last two pages of each unit will enable students to acquire knowledge of French civilization and French.
The purpose of this method is to inspire young people to learn French,  using subjects that match their interests. In order to attract more children into the world of this method, the teacher can use the interactive CD for Digital Interactive Table that includes any method, the entire workbook and additional interactive activities. In the book of professor,  is included  an audio CD.