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Tests préparatoires au DELF B2

The purpose of this book, "Πreparatory tests for DELF A2", is to familiarize students to the exams of DELF. This is why we have chosen to offer you 10 different tests, having the same layout and the same difficulty, as the one that you will have before him the day of the exams. We followed the same presentation, taking care to indicate the times. We kept the same instructions for exercises and documents as presented by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A CD required for the "Listening" is included in this book. Thus, the candidate has the option to train alone or with his teacher.
DELF B2 level corresponds to the specifications of a valid and Advanced skill level, having acquired about 600 hours of learning French.
This book contains:
-  Οral tests
- Writings tests
- Vocabulary to better understand texts
- Assists in the preparation of writing
- Revisions of verbal constructions to better express themselves.
- 3 practice tests, so-called "preparatory tests"